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April 11, 2004


Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!

Thank you to everyone who helped out in the singing of the Holy Week and Paschal services. The Holy Saturday Vesperal Liturgy, the Nocturnes, Paschal Matins and Liturgy, and Agape Vespers went very well in spite of the limited preparation. I received many positive comments. I was exceedingly pleased at the outcome of the Paschal services. I truly enjoyed directing and singing it. We will continue our Sunday practice schedule starting this Sunday (April 18).

This Friday (April 16, 2004) we will be having Vespers at 6:45 PM. This will be a repeat of the Agape Vespers except for the Great Prokeimenon (see Below).

New Music:

Galician Great Prokeimenon Tone 8 for Friday Bright Week Vespers. We have encountered tone 8 many times, so please be ready for it.


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