Unmercenary Sacred Music

Choir Practice Resources

November 2 , 2003

Parishioners Present:

Sloan, Jared, Emilie, and Cindy.

New Music:

And All Mankind: This And All Mankind is adapted from the Carpatho-Rusyn Prostopinije . We practiced this with Fr. Luke. Keep in mind that throughout the anaphora we have been singing in a major key (F). This is in the relative minor of d. So be prepared for a slight shift.

Galician Tone Four Prokeimenon and Alleluia: We practiced only the Alleluia, but I am including the Prokeimenon. This piece begins with all voices in unison octaves. Be prepared to sing at least the melody of both on Sunday.

The Typica: The typical psalms (103 and 145) and beatitudes are sung on most Sundays in Russian and OCA parishes. They are not antiphons but are replacements of the antiphons. If you recall the previous discussion on antiphons (see September 19), antiphonal singing requires that there be a refrain. As the typical psalms and beatitudes are now sung, there is no refrain. The following samples attempt to correct this by repeating the refrain "Bless the Lord, O my Soul" after each verse in the first antiphon.

This first setting is adapted from the 1906 Prostopinije.

This second setting is based on how the Galician Ukrainians sing the typica . It is similar to the Kievan tone two melody used by the Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox for the festal and weekday antiphons. The melody has been moved to the tenor.

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