Unmercenary Sacred Music

Memorializing the Dead

Kanon Odes for a Panichida

This setting was part of a final exam I had to take for a masters course I took at St. Vladimir's seminary in 2002 (taught by Mark Bailey).  It is an original composition inspired by Carpatho-Rusyn tone six.  Included here is the music, a recording of the performance, the report on how these compositions where created, and a link to my second composition for the final.  The performance of this music involved seminarians and spouses of seminarians at St. Vladimir's.  

Choir Members:  Karen Coles, Jaime Rene, Resa Ellison, Michelle Gallaher, Dn. Kevin Smith, Peter Drobac, Matti Walgren.

Cantors (singing the Priets' parts):  Dn Kevin Smith, Sloan Rolando and Peter Drobac.

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