Unmercenary Sacred Music

Russian and Kievan Chant

Russian and Kievan chant is common to the Russian Orthodox Church, the Bialarusyn Orthodox Church, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and those churches that have their roots in the Moscow Patriarchate, e.g., the Orthodox Church in America. Russian traditions include many different styles. The term Obikhod is often connected to Russian chant. However, Obkihod chant is not actually a chant style, but rather, a collection of chant styles from the regions anciently known as Rus'.  These chants come from various Russian chants, including Znamenny, Bulgarski (so-called Bulgarian), Grecheski (so-called Greek), and from Eastern Ukrainian chants such as Kievan.

Resources for Standard SVOTS/OCA Usage

Resources Based on New Variations of Russian/Kievan Arrangements

Please note that the original Divine Liturgy and Obikhod Tones Guide has been finally removed since one needs to be totally reworked and the other has been essentially replaced by the simpler SVS version noted above.

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