Unmercenary Sacred Music

Carpatho-Rusyn Chant

Theophany Great Compline

This setting of the Theophany Eve service of Great Compline and the Great Blessing of water is set using both Carpatho-Rusyn and Galician melodies.  It was put together for St. Mary's Carpatho-Russsian Orthodox-Greek Catholic Church in Yonkers, NY using the official texts of that jurisdiction with some minor adjustments for local practice and the cantor's available music (that is, what I had on hand and had time to set).  As such the common items like litanies and other responses are from Carpatho-Rusyn melodies, while almost all of the propers (stikhera, kontakion, prokeimenon, and alleluia) are set to Galician tones.

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