Unmercenary Sacred Music

Carpatho-Rusyn Chant

A Demo of Canon Ode One for Funeral or Panichida, Tone Six

This setting is an attempt to replicate Carpatho-Rusyn tone six irmos melody without using rectotono.  This was done by using the three phrases of ode one with borrowing from ode three where needed.  I have left the irmos unharmonized so as to be sung by one or more cantors alone.  The refrains are harmonized in three parts to allow several voices to sing.  The hope would be congregational participation.  Another quality of this setting is that it uses the whole ode as translated by Fr. Ephraim Lash.  In this setting one would hopefully get the fullest meaning from the ode.  This setting was part of a final exam I had to take for a masters course I took at St. Vladimir's seminary in 2002 (taught by Mark Bailey).  Included here is the music, a recording of the performance, and links to the first setting and the report on how these compositions where created.  The performance of this involved seminarians and spouses of seminarians here at St. Vladimir's.  The refrains were sung in unison by a choir, and the irmos and troparia were sung by two cantors:

Choir Members:  Karen Coles, Jaime Rene, Resa Ellison, Michelle Gallaher, Dn. Kevin Smith, Peter Drobac, Matti Walgren.

Cantors:  Sloan Rolando and Peter Drobac.

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